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Terra has been training under Master Eraqus since a very young age to become a Keyblade Master. Unfortunately due to the events of the game he no longer has the way to achieve the rank of Master, but his skills are nearly equal to one due to the length and intensity of his training.

His style is slightly reminiscent of a one-and-two handed Kendo sword style, with his two handed attacks being his strongest strikes. This isn’t a perfect analogy, but the closest to real-world battle tactics. Physically Terra is very, very strong, being the power house of the trio.

His attacks are almost all focused on how much power he can put in to a hit, as opposed to how fast or with how much finesse. That's not to say he's without finesse, because he's arguably very athletic as well, he just prefers to hit an enemy hard and keep them down.

Terra also can tap in to the darkness in his heart and channel it in to his attacks and even his magic, though this isn't necessarily a good thing as he risks going down the slippery slope in to giving in to that very same darkness.

Abilities and Keyblade Log

Abilities taken from and
Bold = Currently Equipped Keychain
Strike through = not available in the Digital World
* = Requires mun permission
Green = Altered
Blue = Status affects no longer applicable
Red = Can no longer deal fatal damage

Attacks )

Note: -aga level commands will result in an energy drain from Terra, the only exception being Curaga which recovers energy while healing.

Magic )

Frendship )

Movement - General )

Movement - Defense )

Movement - Reprisals )

Shotlocks )

Command Styles )

Finish Commands )

Note: Abilities are usually equip-able status effects that help Terra in battle. For RP, they will be temporary status boosts that he can activate in battle only, and will be limited to three per battle.

Status Abilities )

Keyblades )
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Name and personal journal: JeniOctavia | [personal profile] jenioctavia

Contact: AIM | JeniOctavia

Player's Age: 28

Character/Series: Terra (テラ) | Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Character Type: Main (1 of 3)

Tamer Class: Soul

Character appearance:

Character age: Unstated (18 for in-game)

Digimon partner(s)/Spirit/Evolution Line: (“Iwa” 岩) Black Guilmon > SkullKnightmon > DarkKnightmon > Craniummon

History )

Character and Digimon personality )

Abillities Link and Samples )


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